Downlow is the hacker handle for an Engelwood native well known for his art and computer skills


3 – Repair
2 – Streetwise
2 – Academics
1 – Larceny
1 – Language: Computers
1 – Resources – The Man

Health O O O
Wealth O O O O
Composure O O O

1) Stealing Freedom
2) Escape through Art
3) Why work when you can change the record
4) Off the Grid
5) Shut it down, all of it
6) Whose fault is it anyway?
7) Mad man is mad
8) The benefits of a clean getaway
9) Whats best for me
10) Use or be used


Young David grew up in a seriously broken home. His Dad was a very angry drunk, and from lunch at the factory to when he passed out at night he was almost always drinking. This kept his children out of the house and on the streets until they were sure he was passed out already. His mom drank to survive his abusive father, and she tried to love her boys but couldn’t take the abuse. One morning she just wasn’t there. Dad got in drunk after 8 as usual and with no dinner ready he blew his stack and took it out on David’s older brother Jon. When the paramedics took Jon away he was in a coma with a cracked skull, collarbone, and arm, and his Dad was drug away in handcuffs still screaming about what a rotten kid he was.
Three foster homes in 5 years tried to take care of David, but with his brother still in a coma he would come visit every chance he got, day or night, often sneaking into the hospital after hours. His foster parents did what they could, but David was almost feral and chaffed under ‘The Regime’ instituted by the system.
When Jon died, David was almost 12 years old. He left one morning with all the posessions he could acquire from the house, and never came back. Living on the streets was a matter of course by then. Just before he could count on a hot meal twice a day. Now he had to scrounge and steal for any scraps he could find.


La Condition Humaine DanB