Second Session

The characters escape The Preacher, hopefully after he reveals that he has captured them all because they have been seen in the company of Warlocks he believes are responsible for the death of his girlfriend.

The Preacher may have descriptions of them, but no photos. He believes they have spells which prevent them from showing up on film. He can also explain that the Warlocks somehow trade parts of their soul for supernatural powers and magic.

He is crazy, and a slasher, but he also knows quite a bit. His fanaticism, however, will ultimately cause him to believe that the PCs are in league with the Warlocks and they will have to deal with him.

The Preacher lives in a three story house in Hyde Park. The PCs start in the basement. The stairs lead to the kitchen and there is a dining room, living room and foyer on the main floor.
Upstairs they will find 3 bedrooms and a large bathroom.
One bedroom obviously belongs to the Preacher, one was Michelle’s and looks as though it hasn’t even been touched since her disappearance. The third is some sort of investigation room that has more photos of Michelle, pictures of her professors, some of her friends (apparently) and a giant flow-sheet detailing out the connections between many people on campus.
Several of the photos have a large red “X” on them.

This room will give the PCs clues that Michelle was a member of a hunter cell and that there may be connections for them at the University of Chicago.

Second Session

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