Chicago Neighborhoods

As your characters have yet to explore anything, the only information here is just common knowledge. As they explore and learn, many of these areas will become more fleshed out, and be wiki pages of their own.

An Overview:
Chicago, the largest city in Illinois, sits on several miles of the Lake Michigan Shore. At the core, is the Loop, Chicago’s busy downtown district.
South of the Loop, the city fades into to the poverty and desolation of the South Side.
North of the Loop, the city is densely settled with residential areas punctuated by more commercial neighborhoods, extending all the way up to the city’s northern border.
Nearly all of the city’s hip or desirable locations are located within a mile or two of the lake.
The farther west you travel, the more bland the city becomes until it fades into the western suburbs, the bedroom communities with little history and less character. This is where the city’s mid-level managers, accountants and bureaucrats live.
Connecting all of these areas is the city’s public rail system, the CTA, commonly called “The El”.

The Loop – The downtown district. From here, the money flows.
The Chicago River – Flowing through the heart of the Loop. This is possibly the most tainted and unnatural waterway in the United States.

Chicago’s North Side
The Gold Coast – A wealthy neighborhood running along the lakeshore on the Near North Side. More millionaires cluster here than any other place in the city.
Cabrini Green – A micro slum since the 1970s, it is one of the last left on the North Side and is being slowly disassembled and its residents moved elsewhere as the city demolishes the despair-ridden buildings.
North Avenue – Chicago’s haven for young professionals. This area sports condos, yuppie superstores and dance clubs galore.
Boystown – One of the main concentrations of Chicago’s gay community. A relatively posh neighborhood of stylish boutiques and trendy coffeehouses.
Clark and Belmont – This neighborhood is a goth-punk New World and houses more than its fair share of body mod shops, back alley clubs, and runaways.

Chicago’s South Side:
Chinatown – 11 small blocks on the Near South Side, centered on the corner of Cermac and Wentworth.
Englewood – The bleak, cursed core to the South Side’s urban blight.
Navy Pier – Chicago’s tourist attraction of shops, museums and restaurants.
Hyde Park – A highly affluent community which surrounds the University of Chicago in a bubble of peace, protecting it from the surrounding ghettos and slums of the South Side.
Historic Pullman – The original company town, which crumbled into riots, poverty and ruin. Today, it is a national landmark district with museums, parks and iconic architecture.
The Ridge – The furthest South Side neighborhood packed with old-fashioned buildings, Victorian mansions, and a medieval castle. It is the highest ground in Chicago and the chain-link jungle of the South Side keeps visitors out of this largely residential area.

Chicago Neighborhoods

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