La Condition Humaine

“I am the passenger and I ride and I ride
I ride through the city’s backsides
I see the stars come out of the sky
Yeah, the bright and hollow sky
You know it looks so good tonight”
—Siouxie and the Banshees

The city is a dangerous place.
Lurking and crawling beneath the scope of most people’s eyes, an entire world of dangers exist. Perils so dark, so threatening to body, mind, and soul – so impossible to defend against that humanity as a whole cannot acknowledge their presence.
The truth is simple, however – monsters exist.
Some are human, some once were, and some only wear human skins to pass among us.
Many faces, many horrors, all crawling along the cracked Chicago streets.

The Windy City is a living, complex place, always at conflict with itself, always growing wider, taller and older. It survives despite its many signs of urban decay. Some even think it continues to prosper. After all, its skyline, seen from afar, leaves an impression of towering buildings – monuments to the prosperity and ingenuity of its citizens.
A closer view shows a much different city. Huddled in the shadows of the skyscrapers are hundreds of the homeless. Far below the penthouses plod the impoverished and hungry. In the darkest alleys, people disappear.

The truth is out there, living in the dark corners of these wet streets and for a few it crawls into them like a worm boring into the flesh of an apple. Shattered memories are slowly taped together. Scars on skin tell an inescapable tale. For every voice that tells you to deny what you see, what you recall, what you feel, there exists a bigger, meaner voice that gives it to you straight: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
You sleep next to beasts.
You feel their hands at our throats, their fingers in our mouths, their breath in our ear.
Monsters are real.

You have been invited to a very special table-top game using the Fate system for rules and a home-brew setting in the supernatural horror genre.
Please come to the character creation session on April 23rd with a basic idea for a human living in Chicago or one of the outlying neighborhoods. The creation process in the Fate system will help us create interesting connections between the characters and will give them a reason to cling together, beyond the necessity of their own survival.

La Condition Humaine

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